Live from CPAC, it’s the Pick A Presidential Candidate game!

By KTTH | March 7, 2014

It’s time for a game of Pick A Presidential Candidate with Ben Shapiro!

Based only on their CPAC speech – Conservative Political Action Conference – Shapiro wondered which Republican you would pick to run against Hillary Clinton (presumably, of course) in 2016.

Read the excerpts below and leave your vote in the comments or on our Facebook page.

“People don’t just want a life of comfort. They want a life of self-determination. A life of equal outcomes is not nearly as enriching as a life of equal opportunity. I’ll tell ya, the party that speaks to that desire, the party that tries to make it concrete and real – that’s the party that will win in November. We are that party.”  – Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan

“I have never been more inspired than I am right now. I’m not inspired by Washington, I’m not inspired by the corruption, I’m not inspired by the mendacity in the White House. I’m inspired because all across this country people are waking up. All across this country people are waking up and saying, ‘What we’re doing isn’t working, people are hurting, tragically, and we need to turn this country around.’ We did it in 1980 with a grass roots movement that became the Reagan revolution, and let me tell you, the same thing is happening all over today. I’m inspired, I’m honored to stand with you today because together if the American people continue to rise up to speak out, to speak the truth, we will get back to the free market principles, we will get back to the Constitutional liberties that have made America the greatest nation in the history of the world.” – Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz

“So today, let it be heard, and I hope he’s watching – to President [Jimmy] Carter I want to issue a sincere apology. It is no longer fair to say he was the worst president of this great country. President Obama has proven me wrong.” – Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal

“Ladies and gentlemen, we meet at a time of true national security crisis, indeed many crises. But our biggest national security crisis is Barack Obama. This is a president who does not believe in American exceptionalism, a president who is uninterested in U.S. national security and America’s place in the world, who considers our strength part of the problem – that we are the cause of international tension. This is like looking at the world through the wrong end of a telescope. But, this is Barack Obama’s world.” – Former Ambassador to the United Nations John R. Bolton

[Applause] “Alright, alright. Thank you. Thank you all very much.” – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

OK, so that one from Christie isn’t the best, but the audio from the rest of his speech was unavailable – so we’re basing his entry on the raucous applause he got when he appeared on stage.

So which excerpt do you like? Shapiro said he likes the policies of Bolton the best, but Christie is the only one of the lot ready to look like a president on TV.

“I think Bobby Jindal is the smartest, and Bobby Jindal is the most qualified – I also think he’s very boring. Paul Ryan is an accountant. Ted Cruz needs to stop speaking like a Baptist preacher. He has this tendency to walk around the stage while he’s talking. He has a cadence that can quickly irritate – the faux sincerity,” Shapiro commented. “Of all the people I mentioned, I like [Cruz] the least; I probably like John Bolton the most.

“Here’s the reality of the situation. In all the clips and the talk, I heard a fair bit of talk about Barack Obama. I did not hear a fair bit of talk about Hillary Clinton. This was an opportunity for someone to go hammer and tongs after Hillary.”

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