In Cadillac ad controversy, Limbaugh sees diminishing of American ideal

By KTTH | March 6, 2014

Many among the left are melting down over a new Cadillac commercial that alleges that hard work is worthwhile – and KTTH host Rush Limbaugh sees in this reaction a further diminishing of the ideal American work ethic.

In the commercial, actor Neal McDonough, well dressed, strolls around a well-appointed home, talking about how other countries work less than in America. They take the month of August off, they work fewer hours, and they think we’re crazy for working so hard, he says.

But the result of all that American hard work, McDonough says, is many great accomplishments – going to the moon, or Les Paul inventing the electric guitar. Plus, many cool things that we can buy. Like the new plug-in electric Cadillac.

Except, many news sources have treated the advertisement as advocating a vapid, consumerist culture.

“The left really does not believe in the old American dream,” Limbaugh said. “It’s not that they don’t believe it, they advocate against it. That’s what this Cadillac hullabaloo illustrates.

“There is not a singular American culture that’s oriented around growth and prosperity. That’s not what the Democratic party is anymore. The enemy, as far as the Democrats are concerned, are the successful.”

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