Medved’s 5 reasons why Republicans mishandled SB 1062

By KTTH | February 27, 2014
Jan Brewer, Paul Clement

Weighing in on the Arizona Senate Bill 1062 affair, KTTH host Michael Medved called the issue an “embarrassing episode” and a “waste of time.”

Why? Here are Medved’s five reasons where Republicans made mistakes trying to get the law passed:

1) There was no reason to push SB 1062 right now. The “bill is stupid, it does nothing; it’s innocuous. There’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s nothing right with it.”

2) A bunch of Arizona Senators who voted for the bill last week came forward on Monday and said that they regretted their vote, and that the law should be vetoed. This flip-flopping makes it appear that there’s a division in the party.

3) Furthering that division, Arizona’s two Republican U.S. Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain both came out against SB 1062 – and so did former presidential candidate and Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

4) Jan Brewer could have avoided the whole controversy by saying last week – before the Arizona Legislature passed SB 1062 – that she was just going to veto it.

5) The total and complete misrepresentation of the bill in the media, both on the left and right. The bill would neither have expanded religious freedom nor discriminated against gays. SB 1062 was filled with legalese that would’ve still left discretion up to judges, who may or may not be ultra-liberal.

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