Boze on what liberals get wrong about being pro death penalty

By KTTH | February 13, 2014

After Gov. Jay Inslee’s decision on Tuesday to suspend executions in Washington, some on the left have called pro death penalty conservatives hypocrites over their negative reaction.

Liberals seem to think that if someone is pro-life, they must also be against the death penalty.

KTTH host David Boze confronted that wrong-headed argument on Thursday, laying out a simple, cogent argument about what liberals don’t get about conservative advocacy to keep the death penalty.

Pro-life conservatives, Boze said, can be pro-death penalty because they value innocent life, not life that stands only to extinguish life.

“Frequently, you’ll hear snide remarks from the left saying conservatives are pro-life, and talk about the sanctity of life, they are hypocrites if they advocate for the death penalty,” Boze said. “The advocacy about life is about preserving innocent life.”

Boze used the example of a criminal, Juan Carlos Chavez, who Florida executed recently for his rape and murder two decades ago of a 9-year-old boy.  The value of that innocent 9-year-old’s life is more than that of Chavez. Therefore, his execution is justified and necessary to reaffirm the boy’s life.

“What other punishment would fit that level of a crime?” Boze said.

As part of his argument for suspending the death penalty, Inslee said it’s immoral to force families to wait so long to see an execution. It took 18 years for Florida to execute Chavez, for example. So wouldn’t it then be morally wrong for Inslee to force families to perhaps wait three more years (if Inslee loses in the next election) to see justice?

The death penalty “is not a matter of not valuing [a criminal’s] life,” Boze said. “It’s a matter of recognizing the value of [the innocent] life.”

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