Karl Rove’s predictions for 2014

By KTTH | January 18, 2014
Karl Rove predictions

What can conservatives look forward to in 2014? Longtime Republican political strategist and oracle Karl Rove – as he does each year – has released his list of predicts for 2014. His list offers some highs for the conservative cause, but also a few lows.

  • Obama’s disapproval rating will top even the most recent measure of 53 percent – what would it take for Obama to hit a 60 percent disapproval rating?
  • The Republicans will maintain control of the House of Representatives, and perhaps pick up four to six seats
  • Similarly, the Republicans will make up the difference in the Senate, taking hold, or at least evening out the power balance in the other legislative chamber
  • Due to the influence of labor unions, Democrats will be able to out-fund raise Republicans in 2014, with mixed results
  • Republicans may lose one or two of the 30 gubernatorial seats they now hold – but they will add to their rosters inside state houses, including prominent Latino, African American, and Asian members
  • Enrollment in Obamacare will be smaller than expected, and sentiment against the law will grow as Americans increasingly encounter higher premiums, larger deductibles, more cancelled plans, and fewer doctor choices
  • Due to a sub-30 percent support rate for Obamacare, Democrats will hastily seek changes to the law, maybe even leading to a lifting of the individual mandate penalty in 2014 – though, overall, the Obama administration will resist any major changes to the law
  • More “racism” claims from liberals. That’s right, they’ll get even more vocal, crying “racism” anytime anyone criticizes Obama, who will only become more hard-edged and partisan
  • Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan will increase in popularity as he takes charges of Republican-
    led efforts to end poverty, and improve health care for all Americans
  • The Obama administration will continue to bumble the Syrian conflict, the Iranian nuclear deal will collapse, and North Korea will be allowed to test another nuclear device


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